Crown Braid

I’m a big fan of a big messy bun. Usually the more undone the better, and a big bun on the top of your head is a great alternative to yet another ponytail, and during the rainy season they are a life-saver. While the solution sure lies in adopting an effective hair care routine, you can also ensure that your hair doesn’t get wet or is tied up when you step out in the rains. Want to know what are the up dos you can try out? Here’s a low-down…


Benefits of braiding your hair

My hair is able to hold moisture much longer in braids than when out and though my hair doesn’t normally experience much end or mid-shaft breakage (unless my diet is lousy), braiding makes it virtually non-existent.

I have noticed much less breakage after braiding at night. Many people use topknots when they sleep to also prevent tangles but my hair is pretty delicate and I noticed breakage after awhile where the topknot was positioned. I also don’t use an elastic at the end of the braid. My hair unravels an inch or so by the morning but nothing to produce tangles.

In addition to tangle-prevention (the biggie for me), I like the way overnight braids sort of calm my natural curl. I don’t secure the end of my sleeping braid anymore, mine doesn’t unravel much. I find the act of braiding rather soothing too, so a nice before-bed thing to do at the end of the day.


What to Know: 

  • Braids always hold better on dirty hair — the more texture, the better! If you’re working with second or third day hair, that’s ideal. For clean hair, make sure you add in some texture spray before braiding to really make this hairstyle hold.
  • Because of the way it’s styled, the crown braid works best on longer hair. That way, when you’re pulling the braids up to the top of your head, they’ll reach far enough to give you a full “crown” look.


What To Do: 

Step 1: First things first, part your hair in the center. If you prefer a side part, you can do that instead, but part the back of your hair down the middle to keep things even on both sides. Spray some dry texture spray from mid-lengths to ends.
Step 2: Section your hair into two large parts, one on either side of your head.
Step 3: Beginning on the left side, braid the hair into a classic three-strand braid from the ear down all the way to the ends, then secure with a clear elastic. Braid the right side of the hair the same way.
Step 4: Take the left braid up and over the top of your head as far as it will reach, pinning along the top with bobby pins. Bring the right braid up in the same way, crossing over the left to hide the ends of the braids.
Step 5: Pin any stray hairs and gently pull apart the braids a bit to get some extra volume and that perfectly messy look.
Step 6 (Optional): For a softer look, pull a few face framing pieces out so that your crown braid has a softer, more romantic look. Voilà!





Not all might attempt to visit this place due to the road condition and its location which is literally not reachable by vehicles at the very end, but once you reach there, its worth the ride in every way and you realise its not that tough to reach actually. there is a hill top with amazing views before you find steps at the very end of the road to get down all the way to touch the waters. It is a hidden gem for sure, disagreeing on that is probably impossible for anyone who visit this place.


COLA BEACH in the south of Goa is an amazing holiday destination. This wonderful beach is far located in South Goa just before Agonda. The road leading to beach from the main highway is rough patch of around 1.5-2 Kms, in very bad condition and till you reach till the end you wonder where am I leading to. And then you get a glimpse of this beach from the top and every moment afterwards is just wonderful. The beach surprises you with so many beautiful things; to name a few: Fresh water Lagoon, Rocky patches on both ends of beach, the water currents in sea, no mobile range, no wifi and so many more. Everything needed to spend calm and relaxing holidays.


There are two resorts and few beach huts available. Its so well secluded that its not that crowded . This is the cleanest and most enjoyable beach to take a fun bath in the sea or long walks till the ends to the fishing villages. The sand is whiter than any I have ever encountered. The water very clean, the best part is the shells lining the waterline like a mosaic on the floor. The beach has a fresh water lagoon on the other side where in one can canoe in the palm shaded waters and is very refreshing for a dip as well. Theres a restaurant so you can eat/ have a drink, too. the shack has basic accommodation available and serves good food with prompt services. IMG_20160212_102428

As for me this is the most beautiful beach in entire south Goa. We didn’t  to come back from this place at least for me .We stayed there for 2 days and the place left us wanting to come again. It is peaceful and almost like a private beach and picturesque too. Beauty further increases as you explore more.

do visit this amazing place




Its never too late to achieve your dreams; not even at your second attempt.

Tanmai chodankar, aged 23, is currently doing his third year in journalism at st. Xavier’s college. Ever since he was 15, he started clicking pictures just like most of the youngsters love to do. He did not take up photography that seriously because his parents had their demands. “My parents wanted me to become a doctor, engineer, as my cousins were at higher educational platform”. says Tanmai.

Due to the pressure, he ended up doing BSC after which he dropped out of his college in second year because, as for him, it was non relevant. He regrets taking up something in which he was never interested, knowing he wouldn’t do well, as he was poor in math, and chemistry in his H.S.S. Now that he’s doing, photography, it wasn’t easy convincing his parents but it somehow worked. As photography is close to his heart he intends to work on projects so he gets more experienced in this field.

He’s biggest projects he says are clicking pictures for supersonic, royal enfield riders mania 2014-15,and free lances for cohiba,waters beach lounge and grills and other small clubs.He was also featured in Times of India.

Looking back at those wistful days, he remembers taking pictures at his uncles wedding where he used a DSLR for the first time. Tanmai works late nights very often to bring a balance between studies and work.

Besides photography he also likes to write lyrics and rap. He’s planning to do his masters and leaving his career options wide open without focusing on photography alone.

Its always said that opportunity knocks your door only once but it did twice for Tanmai.

I may be biased, but I would agree that Tanmai is very good at photography. If you want the best photographs (with good quality) to remember your special day, this man is the photographer for you. If you have any reservation about photography, please know, Tanmai is worth every penny. The lengths he goes to for his pictures, he wants them to be the best. follow him on instagram to know him and his amazing clicks.


 For a minute into the conversation, you are bound to see confidence ooze through every pore mixed with the right amount of rebel and an abundance of bind-as! A girl from a middle class family; to whom tradition was to hide body took up a dance form and is now a pro at it. Chaitali sheela soparkar, a daughter, sister, wife, mother and a BELLY-DANCER, a resident from Mumbai was the 2nd daughter of a man who was working on a ship and a house wife.


she is widely know for her belly dancing in Mumbai and other parts of the world as well. On asking “what she thought about belly dancing as?” she replied, that ‘it is the sister of mujra and that she respects it like all indians do to Bharat natyam. Indians are slowly warming up to this dance form. when the trend of belly dancing first started, some seven years back, people had several reservations. they thought “how can I allow my wife or daughter to learn it?!” ,but today the same people are encouraging them to learn the dance. It is no longer termed “vulgar”. says the proud belly dancer.

Her father wasnt comfortable about his daughters chosen dance form so her mother became her only support because she saw how dedicated she was towards her dance. Supporting later on was coupled by her father as well.. she reminisces how her her father first time, actualy told that her that he was proud of what shes doing and It came as a great surprise to her.

     She has done her B COM, post graduation in public relations and advertising in welingkar institute and also studied german language from goothe institute Mumbai. During her journey, there were lot of hurdles that she had to over come and criticisms she had to face, despite all this, she only took this as stones to build her career path. 

According to her,  the common perception in the entertainment industry is “oh! belly dancing? lets use it as an item number” as an artist she feels insulted when someone says that and prefers it to be seen as an art form; that is given respect.


She wishes to be the best belly dancer if not for the world; for her self! and prove to the world that it is not something they should add in movies as item number or for the media to term it as bimbos. “You judge something when you don’t know about it”

she is one of my favourite belly-dancer do follow her on Instagram as she organises many basic workshops, prenatal sessions, sessions to accelerate fitness goals and many more. She’s super fun and an amazing soul get to know her more on Instagram




Its been a year since I have been to this resort and thought that I will share with you guys the amazing experience I had here. BETTER LATE THEN NEVER!

We had gone there to celebrate my sisters 21st birthday and I have to say it has left me in awe with its beauty till today.

why this place out of all the other beautiful destination around the world?

I wanted to explore my home town Goa before i did the other places. I want to visit all the beautiful places that i am surrounded with then go some place else and leave my home town unexplored. If you want to travel to the end of the world for some quality time with nature in its prestige form, ironically it is not too far away from the surf and sand of Goa that there lies an oppurtunity of a life time- Wildernest virdi, where you can revel in the wonder that nature is.

we had a warm welcome at the resort. It is in the midst of swapnagandha, karnataka and Goa. three magnificent waterfalls at a distance and is surrounded by dense forest.


we were allotted a eco cottage with the forest view named Jaswanti with king sized bed. After we got fresh we thought of strolling around when suddenly were stopped by a gobsmacking beauty that is the infinity pool with a breathtaking view to behold.


At the paradise, that is the wildernest, you will get used to waking up to the sounds of melodies birds songs, and vibrant natures sights every morning, right into breathtakingly beautiful sunsets complete with the mystic wonders of nature. In short wilderness is for those who want to experience peace, tranquility, joy and comfort in the lap of nature.

Randhan- a local restaurant is a systematic blend of the functional styles of the natives of the ghat and the plains, serving ethnic traditional food by buffet in healthy clay pots.

my sister cutting her 21st birthday cake

In the evening coupled with watching sunset views from a peak, followed by a local folk dances, star gazing sessions and various other activities the mystic night waves good night.

It wan an amazing experience all together, with great service and hospitality. guys do visit this amazing place I promise you won’t regret a thing about it. Instead of splurging, save money to make your next trip amazing and do let me know your experience in the comment section below. I still reminisce the fun I had in the stunning pool. guys you should visit this place!!!!!




NAMAS’CRAY- the crazy in me recognises and honours the crazy in you.

Life has a lot to offer; sad times, bad times, happy and satisfactory. We are all happy when there is so much good happening around us but when something obnoxious; we fret over whats happening and just feel like giving up on life. we curse ourselves for having seeing such a bad day and it just doesn’t end there, the whole day goes on with yourself being sandwiched between negative thoughts.

I can surely not eradicate those days for you because what is meant to  happen will happen but i can sure suggest ways in which you can deal with them.


You wake up in the morning and get ready to go to college but you’re about to get late, if you’re fifth attempted eyeliner wing just aint coming right. so you just fling it on the floor and decide to go to college without wearing eyeliner. with all this happening (i.e being late, not getting the perfect wing) you already assume you’re going to be having a bad day ahead. this is when you’re doing it wrong. Don’t assume something before hand! try to take things in a positive way.

I believe, being optimistic can make lot of rough edges smoother, and trust me it has worked for me and I hope it will for you too. BE OPTIMISTIC with just any given situation specially the bad and look how things work out for you.

Every morning wake up with the thought that its going to be a great day no matter what. Take one step at a time. Even though you had a hard time getting that perfect winged eye liner cause of which you reached late; its just the beginning honey, theres a long way more. Don’t let some negative thought ruin it for you.


If There is no joy when you wake up in the morning. if you dread the sound of the alarm clock going on, if you feel stagnant, if you have the thought in your head that there has got to be more to life than this, you know what you should do. You should stop doing whatever it is you do.


Secret Recipe Revealed..!!!

Long luscious hair will eternally make a beautiful statement on almost any person, however getting it east always as simple as waiting to out. Hair extensions and weaves offer people the change to get thicker hair, but there are ways to thicken your hair naturally, too. It’s a lot less expensive and the result is sure to leave you amazed.

lately I have been bombarded with a lot of questions as to how my hair is thick, dark, and glossy and as the typical ‘me’ I don’t always share my beauty secrets. Well, today I am revealing the secret recipe behind my gorgeous mane, explaining to you in detail about all the ingredients and their benefits that go into this recipe.

coconut oil

coconut oil is an extremely versatile health and beauty product and if often said to be the best oil to use on your hair to reduce protein loss and keep it looking healthy.

2. Hibiscus

hibiscus/ shoe flower

Hibiscus/shoe-flower provides so many benefits for hair due to its vitamin C and amino acid rich composition, making the hair roost and strands stronger. It also conditions the hair mildly and keeps them bouncier.

3. Curry leaf

curry leaf

Curry leaves are a rich source of vitamin B, one of the vitamins essential for hair health. It can effectively treat hair follicles clogging. They are rich in anti-oxidants that moisture scalp and repair damaged roots.

4. Tulsi leaf

The “holy tulsi” also known as the queen of herbs, helps to improve the blood circulation and keeps your scalp cool reducing itchiness and dandruff and thus promote hair growth.

RECIPE: Mix all these ingredients  into the coconut oil and heat it for 20 minutes and after it is ready, let it cool for some time and then you can pour the mixture into a bottle and voila its ready to use. *Massage it into your scalp for 5 minutes  and leave it for an hour or so (a night for best results) and wash your hair with warm water. For effective result use it twice a week.

*A properly done scalp massage can increase blood circulation to the hair follicles, increase relaxation, decrease stress, condition the scalp, and boost the strength of the hair roots. The kneading pressure applied by massage forms the skin open up blood vessels to increase flow and boosts circulation.

So that’s it guys, do make the best of this recipe and let me know the results below in the comment section.