Not all might attempt to visit this place due to the road condition and its location which is literally not reachable by vehicles at the very end, but once you reach there, its worth the ride in every way and you realise its not that tough to reach actually. there is a hill top with amazing views before you find steps at the very end of the road to get down all the way to touch the waters. It is a hidden gem for sure, disagreeing on that is probably impossible for anyone who visit this place.


COLA BEACH in the south of Goa is an amazing holiday destination. This wonderful beach is far located in South Goa just before Agonda. The road leading to beach from the main highway is rough patch of around 1.5-2 Kms, in very bad condition and till you reach till the end you wonder where am I leading to. And then you get a glimpse of this beach from the top and every moment afterwards is just wonderful. The beach surprises you with so many beautiful things; to name a few: Fresh water Lagoon, Rocky patches on both ends of beach, the water currents in sea, no mobile range, no wifi and so many more. Everything needed to spend calm and relaxing holidays.


There are two resorts and few beach huts available. Its so well secluded that its not that crowded . This is the cleanest and most enjoyable beach to take a fun bath in the sea or long walks till the ends to the fishing villages. The sand is whiter than any I have ever encountered. The water very clean, the best part is the shells lining the waterline like a mosaic on the floor. The beach has a fresh water lagoon on the other side where in one can canoe in the palm shaded waters and is very refreshing for a dip as well. Theres a restaurant so you can eat/ have a drink, too. the shack has basic accommodation available and serves good food with prompt services. IMG_20160212_102428

As for me this is the most beautiful beach in entire south Goa. We didn’t  to come back from this place at least for me .We stayed there for 2 days and the place left us wanting to come again. It is peaceful and almost like a private beach and picturesque too. Beauty further increases as you explore more.

do visit this amazing place



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