Its never too late to achieve your dreams; not even at your second attempt.

Tanmai chodankar, aged 23, is currently doing his third year in journalism at st. Xavier’s college. Ever since he was 15, he started clicking pictures just like most of the youngsters love to do. He did not take up photography that seriously because his parents had their demands. “My parents wanted me to become a doctor, engineer, as my cousins were at higher educational platform”. says Tanmai.

Due to the pressure, he ended up doing BSC after which he dropped out of his college in second year because, as for him, it was non relevant. He regrets taking up something in which he was never interested, knowing he wouldn’t do well, as he was poor in math, and chemistry in his H.S.S. Now that he’s doing, photography, it wasn’t easy convincing his parents but it somehow worked. As photography is close to his heart he intends to work on projects so he gets more experienced in this field.

He’s biggest projects he says are clicking pictures for supersonic, royal enfield riders mania 2014-15,and free lances for cohiba,waters beach lounge and grills and other small clubs.He was also featured in Times of India.

Looking back at those wistful days, he remembers taking pictures at his uncles wedding where he used a DSLR for the first time. Tanmai works late nights very often to bring a balance between studies and work.

Besides photography he also likes to write lyrics and rap. He’s planning to do his masters and leaving his career options wide open without focusing on photography alone.

Its always said that opportunity knocks your door only once but it did twice for Tanmai.

I may be biased, but I would agree that Tanmai is very good at photography. If you want the best photographs (with good quality) to remember your special day, this man is the photographer for you. If you have any reservation about photography, please know, Tanmai is worth every penny. The lengths he goes to for his pictures, he wants them to be the best. follow him on instagram to know him and his amazing clicks.


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