Its been a year since I have been to this resort and thought that I will share with you guys the amazing experience I had here. BETTER LATE THEN NEVER!

We had gone there to celebrate my sisters 21st birthday and I have to say it has left me in awe with its beauty till today.

why this place out of all the other beautiful destination around the world?

I wanted to explore my home town Goa before i did the other places. I want to visit all the beautiful places that i am surrounded with then go some place else and leave my home town unexplored. If you want to travel to the end of the world for some quality time with nature in its prestige form, ironically it is not too far away from the surf and sand of Goa that there lies an oppurtunity of a life time- Wildernest virdi, where you can revel in the wonder that nature is.

we had a warm welcome at the resort. It is in the midst of swapnagandha, karnataka and Goa. three magnificent waterfalls at a distance and is surrounded by dense forest.


we were allotted a eco cottage with the forest view named Jaswanti with king sized bed. After we got fresh we thought of strolling around when suddenly were stopped by a gobsmacking beauty that is the infinity pool with a breathtaking view to behold.


At the paradise, that is the wildernest, you will get used to waking up to the sounds of melodies birds songs, and vibrant natures sights every morning, right into breathtakingly beautiful sunsets complete with the mystic wonders of nature. In short wilderness is for those who want to experience peace, tranquility, joy and comfort in the lap of nature.

Randhan- a local restaurant is a systematic blend of the functional styles of the natives of the ghat and the plains, serving ethnic traditional food by buffet in healthy clay pots.

my sister cutting her 21st birthday cake

In the evening coupled with watching sunset views from a peak, followed by a local folk dances, star gazing sessions and various other activities the mystic night waves good night.

It wan an amazing experience all together, with great service and hospitality. guys do visit this amazing place I promise you won’t regret a thing about it. Instead of splurging, save money to make your next trip amazing and do let me know your experience in the comment section below. I still reminisce the fun I had in the stunning pool. guys you should visit this place!!!!!